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Delivery Man - Review

Delivery Man - Review

Delivery Man – November 22, 2013 (8/10)


Delivery Man is a remake of the 2011 New Zealand movie, Starbuck. I haven’t seen the original, but I’ll update this review if it turns out to be life-changingly better. So new audiences will find this uniquely fresh and original. Vince Vaughn is great as always but you also get a chance to see his more serious side. Delivery Man will charm your pants off with its hilarious and heartfelt story.

Your reaction to this movie depends on whether or not you believe this story is possible. You’ll have a better time if you don’t overthink how Vince Vaughn fathered 533 children. So there is a splash of fantasy you have to be willing to accept. Including the fact that some of his kids look nothing like him. At one point, it felt like they were just showing a bunch of different examples of children.

Delivery Man’s overarching theme is about the importance of family. The movie is definitely funny, but it also deals with an equal amount of serious issues. There were a couple moments that used the wrong tone for what was actually happening in the scene. But the majority of the movie feels perfectly balanced.

The one thing that drove me crazy was Vince Vaughn’s donor nickname, Starbuck. I know it’s from the original movie, but that name is too close to Starbucks coffee. It felt like a cheap marketing tool even though there was no relation. That seemed like an easy thing to update for this remake.

Overall, Delivery Man is fun to watch and makes for a great holiday film. All the actors do a fantastic job and they’re believable in their various roles. The conclusion to the movie was somewhat odd but then again, I should have just gone with it. I’ll get into more detail about that in the spoiler section below.



The story for Delivery Man is set up like this: Vince Vaughn donated to a fertility clinic 20 years ago. He now finds out that because of a “mix up,” he is the biological father of 533 children. 142 of them are demanding to know his identity. Vaughn signed a confidentiality agreement about his donations, so he doesn’t have to come forward. So he then decides to hire his lawyer friend to fight back.

Leading up to the trial, Vaughn becomes curious about who his children are. So he decides to see them without revealing his identity. Which is a little odd because he wants to be responsible without taking responsibility. Then once Vaughn wins the court case, he ends up revealing his identity anyway. So there wasn’t any real consequence?

There was one scene in particular where the line between drama and comedy was crossed. Vince Vaughn discovers one of his daughters is a heroin addict. After taking her to the hospital one night, he has to decide whether or not to put her in rehab. Then some light-hearted music plays while Vaughn walks back and forth between the doctor and his daughter as they argue over having to go. It’s supposed to be funny that Vaughn is constantly relaying messages. But dealing with heroin addiction should be taken slightly more seriously.

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