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The Lego Movie - Review

The Lego Movie - Review

The Lego Movie – February 7, 2014

The Lego Movie is incredibly charming and hilarious. The entire production was made with love and appreciation for the iconic toys. Every frame was carefully crafted to resemble a living Lego world. But an unnecessary plot twist at the end completely changed the dynamic of the movie. I’ll get into those details after this review, but let’s focus on the positive for now.

My favorite aspect of the movie is the attention to detail. From the set designs to the character movements, nothing feels out of place. Even the water is made out of Legos! The cast also did an amazing job at making their characters come alive. As beautiful as the animation is, it’s really the performances that breathe life into this movie.

The storyline is perfect for a Lego world. Emmet (Chris Pratt) is an ordinary construction worker who always follows the instructions. He can’t build anything without the assistance of a Lego manual. That was a great addition to the story because I can’t build any Legos without the instructions either. Emmet is then believed to be the chosen one and goes on an adventure to stop Lord Business (Will Ferrell) from gluing their world together – which was another brilliant plot point.

A story about an underdog becoming the hero isn’t anything new. But the way it’s portrayed in this movie makes it feel authentic. With so many great characters and cameos, there are surprises around every corner. I especially love all the hidden adult jokes in the film. It takes a special talent to make a movie that’s relatable to everyone.

Overall, The Lego Movie is a must-see no matter how old you are. It will reignite your childhood sense of wonder and compel you to buy some Legos. It’s the perfect movie to escape in and you’ll find yourself smiling ear to ear from start to finish. Well, almost finish. In the spoiler section below, I’ll discuss what made this story come to a screeching halt. But I strongly recommend seeing the movie first and in 3D if you can.



The ending to The Lego Movie was incredibly disappointing. Everything you thought was real turned out to be a lie. To best describe this disappointment, I have to compare it to the opening scene in Toy Story 3. In that movie, all the characters start off in a highly stylized action sequence with train chases, alien pig ships and a swarm of monkeys. But you find out five minutes later that it’s actually Andy playing with his toys.

In The Lego Movie, you don’t learn that it’s just a kid playing with his toys until the end of the movie! Everything you watched was just a projection of a little kid’s thoughts. All those characters’ emotional growths were for nothing! The worst thing any movie can do is end on the notion that everything was just a dream.

If they wanted to use the live-action actors, then they should have done it throughout the entire movie. But to only introduce it at the end makes everything seem unimportant. The story is no longer about the Legos, but about the people playing with them instead. It just made the entire movie feel like an ad for Legos, which was unnecessary because those things sell themselves.

Then to make things complicated, they try to introduce the fact that Emmet still has his consciousness and can think and move when he’s in the real world. But that makes no sense for him to act differently when he’s on the Lego sets compared to off because it’s the same environment. What made Toy Story and Wreck-It Ralph so good was that their characters had their own consciousness and had real emotional developments. But to find out that Lord Business’ plan to glue the Lego world together was actually because a real kid’s dad wanted to do that same thing was unnecessary. How do you make a sequel to that?

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